• TS-G optimally maintains this posture with a low eye point suitable for touring and circuit driving. Additionally, it offers an improved support performance for the region from the shoulder bone to the flank and adopts RECARO’s non-slip shoulder support.
  • TS-G vs RS-G.Due to the different backrest shape compared to the RS-G the TS-G offers an improved support performance for the back region and optimally maintains a sitting posture with low eye point. On the other hand, selecting the RS-G or TS-G depends as well on the vehicle where the seat shall be installed, because the sitting position differs
  • Made of glass fibre, non-slip shoulder support, belt holes for 3-inch full harness, lumbar support (pad insertion type), deep side support, seat divided into two, non-slip seat cushion.
  • WEIGHT 4.6 kg
  • Col: Kamui Blk/Shinning mesh Red, Kamui Blk/Shinning mesh Black, Kamui Blk/Shinning mesh Blue, Kamui Blk/ shinning mesh Silver, Alcantara Grey/Punching Alcantara Grey.
  • Made in Japan
  • Prices inclusive of seatrail / Type B PoweRails