• The SPARCO AIR PRO RJ-5i is the latest offering from Sparco and contains a raft of new features over its predecessor.
  • The strong fibreglass shell is available in two shell sizes to provide superior protection for all sizing options.
  • A new feature for this helmet is the inclusion of a solid carbon fibre microphone boom which can be adjusted to move closer or further from the drivers’ mouth in order to obtain the best results in terms of volume and clarity.
  • Inside the helmet the lining can be removed to be washed or repositioned.
  • The SPARCO AIR PRO RJ-5i is fitted with a professional intercom system with military grade connectors.
  • It features a noise cancelling microphone and high quality speakers housed within noise attenuating ear cups, all wired into a Nexus style plug for use with a Sparco/Peltor intercom system.
  • The helmet is available in seven different sizes now featuring a Medium-Large size to provide an extra option in order to obtain the perfect fit.
  • The Air Pro RJ-5i is supplied with factory fitted HANS clips.