• The SPARCO DELTA RW-6 Nomex flame resistant long johns are manufactured by means of a processing method known as “body-size” in which the garment is produced as a single piece item with no stitching at the sides.
  • This type of process means different sections can be made more or less elastic to meet differing needs - the existence of which makes the garment extremely comfortable for the driver to wear.
  • Two different fabrics matched together ensure maximum breathability in the most important areas.
  • The raglan sleeve pattern makes the garment more comfortable thanks to the fact that the stitching for the sleeves is positioned in an area that is subjected to less pressure.
  • Finally, the wrists and waist have finer stitching for again increases driver comfort.
  • Sizes
  • XS/S - 28" to 34" waist (70-85cm)
  • M/L - 34" to 40" waist (85-101cm)
  • XL/XXL - 40" to 46" waist (101-117cm)
  • 3.3