• T101PLUS
  • Light Weight, Small,Robust and very easy to use single display Rally Computers.
  • The Terratrip 101 Plus use a full graphical display showing distance to four digit,
  • Two decimal.places that can be easily calibrated to KM or miles.
  • Easy calibration using either manual or automatic calibration.
  • Small size at only 112x76x27mm, 43/8"x3"x11/16"
  • Weight is only 115G/4oz.
  • Distance can be manipulated with ease and speed using the full numerical keypad.                
  • Features:
  • One distance display up to 99.99
  • Automatic or mamual calibration
  • User can change distance from KM-Miles
  • Distance can count up to down
  • Manual adjustment of distance 
  • Automatic reverse count
  • Split freeze
  • Two probe inputs Dimable black light
  • Contrast adjustment
  • Optional RZU.
  • Made in England.