• The OMP HTE Carbon is constructed using an autoclaved carbon fibre shell which maximises the rigidity of the seat while retaining minimal weight.
  • The HTE is covered using OMP's new AIRTEX fabric which maximises breathability and ventilation keeping drivers and co-drivers cooler under pressure.
  • The comfort features are continued with the removable split leg cushions (for more or less support on throttle/brake or clutch pedals) and adjustable lumbar cushion for maximum versatility.
  • The HTE Carbon seat is available in a choice of sizes depending on driver fitment, in either standard or XL.
  • The XL seat increases weight only slightly yet increases height and width by 50mm.
  • The HTE seat range includes 5 Harness slots providing a facility for 4, 5 and 6 point harnesses and is also HANS compatible.
  • Colour: Black
  • FIA 8855-1999
  • Weight: 6.6kg Standard, 6.8kg XL