• The SJ Pro K-3 kart jacket from Sparco combines the impact protection of a chest protector with the comfort and fit of a jacket.

  • Anti vibration and anti shock padding is used in the rib, shoulder and back areas for optimum protection.

  • Full zip closure for fast and easy fitting

  • Absorbs vibration, reducing fatigue to keep you more focussed

  • Protects shoulder, back and rib areas in the event of a crash

  • Rear stretch panel for a more comfortable fit in the kart seat

  • Breathable fabric to help keep you cooler

  • Long lasting abrasion resistant fabric

  • The Sparco SJ Pro K-3 kart jacket has been developed as a lightweight and comfortable alternative to the traditional kart rib protector.

  • It provides protection in 3 key areas -


  • Ribs - 12mm thick vibration and shock resistant padding

  • Back - Low profile 4mm padding so that seating position is not compromised

  • Shoulders - 6mm shock resistant padding. This extends to the collar bone area.


  • The material used on the jacket is breathable and anti bacterial to help prevent perspiration and offers excellent anti abrasion properties.

  • A full length zip closure makes the kart jacket very easy to put on and take off.